Best Fish Guide

Making smart, eco-friendly seafood choices is easier than ever, thanks to Forest & Bird’s Best Fish Guide.

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The guide uses a traffic-light system to rank seafood from aquaculture and wild fisheries. The species on the guide’s green zone make good seafood choices. Those in the orange zone are OK choices, while those in the red zone are best avoided. Each species is ranked according to its ecological sustainability. This means we’ve considered a whole range of environmental effects in our assessment.

Using the Best Fish Guide allows consumers to support eco-friendly fisheries, while sending a message to those that have fallen behind. It will also help relieve the pressure on the most overexploited seafood species and alleviate harm to the environment.


You can download the free app for iPhones and Android smartphones or download and print your own guide.


Best Fish Recipes

To make it even easier to cook with sustainable seafood, 16 top New Zealand chefs have supplied recipes for our top seafood choices.

Wild Seafood Recipes

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This crowd-pleasing salmon, capers and cream cheese pizza by Chelsea Winter that hits all the right spots.

Farmed Seafood recipes

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This refreshing trevally ceviche by Nadia Lim combines flavours of the Pacific - coconut, mango and fish.