Orewa Estuary Pest Control

Shakespear Regional Park, 10 km east of Orewa Estuary, is home to kiwis, robins, whiteheads, bellbirds and all the more common birds of our area.  Alongside these are spotless crakes, banded rails and fernbirds which flourish in the wetlands and salt marshes within the boundary of the predator free fence. These could live around the Orewa Estuary too if we could make the Estuary pest free just like the park!


Hibiscus Coast Forest & Bird has begun a project to do just that.  With the support of Hibiscus and Bays Local Board pest control is being set up in all the reserves around the Estuary. Rats, mustilids and possums are being targeted, with rats being our number one target.    With the assistance of individual vounteers and volunteer groups we are setting up bait and monitoring stations around the Estuary, encouraging those who live in neighbouring properties to assist where possible and create a pest free haven in their own back yard.


To get the reserve pest control running all around the Estuary we need some help. If you like walking around the estuary and would like to look after the pest control in a small section of it then please contact Richard at Forest and Bird.