Irishman Creek Tenure Review

  Submissions close 5pm 30th June (next Monday) 

You may not all be aware but the beautiful Mackenzie landscape and its natural heritage is under imminent threat through the Tenure Review proposal for Irishman Creek Station.

Your help is dearly needed - please make a submission on the Irishman Creek Tenure Review by 5pm Monday 30 June to help protect the Mackenzie Basin. 

Please also encourage your friends and family to also make a submission. 

If you take the time to make an individual submission on the Irishman Creek Tenure Review Preliminary proposal you WILL make a difference.

Irishman Creek Station lies 14 kms south west of Lake Tekapo, in the Mackenzie Basin, on the eastern shores of Lake Pukaki. The tenure review proposal seeks to freehold ~5800 ha of Crown lease land. The outstanding outwash fan (all the flat foreground shown in the photo above) is proposed to be freeholded for development. This land is the very area used to illustrate the outstanding Mackenzie values in the Mackenzie campaign run a few years ago that drew thousands of supporters from around the country.

Not only are outstanding landscapes at risk if this proposal goes ahead, so too are rare ecosystems of national priority.
Key points to make, using your own words as much as possible:

  1. Say what the Mackenzie means to you personally. You don't need to know the area intimately, e.g. if you appreciate its stunning landscape whenever you travel there and its value for tourism you can say that.
  2. Secondly, state that you support the Department of Conservation’s advice on the significant inherent values as discussed in the ‘Addendum to Conservation Resources Report’ November 2009'  and the significant inherent values and recommendations for protection identified in the map included in the report.
  3. State that the preliminary proposal does not meet the Objectives of Part 2 of the Crown Pastoral Land Act (CPLA) for the following reasons: 
  • The proposal fails to promote future management of the land is a way that is ecologically sustainable.
  • The proposal fails  to protect significant inherent values including the highly legible landforms that contribute to the experience of being in the Mackenzie and are highly visible as you drive along SH8 and SH80 along the opposite shore of Lake Pukaki.
  • The proposal has not taken into account the fact that the ecosystem values in the outwash fan rank as 'critically endangered', the highest threat ranking (under 2012 research) - this means they should be a national priority to protect.
  • The proposal is in conflict with the recommendations for large scale biodiversity protection as agreed to by the Upper Waitaki Shared Vision Forum - a process supported by the Government
  • The conservation covenant (CC1) provides no permanent protection of the significant geological values and in fact will contribute to the loss of the legibility of these values by providing for the ability to over sow and top dress and build structures.
Make sure you request that: 
The proposal gives proper effect to the Objectives of Part 2 of the CPLA by protecting the ‘significant inherent values’ by returning the land to full Crown ownership, and for it to be managed in perpetuity for conservation. 


How to submit:
Email  your submission, including your name and address, to LINZ at: pastoral& by 5pm Monday 30 June.
Post to get there by 5pm Monday 30 June to:
Commissioner of Crown Lands
LINZ Crown Property
Private Bag 4721
Christchurch 8140