Another Mangarakau weekend

photo Miang Lim

Ten members and friends met at Mangarakau and interestingly one was the last school teacher at the school in 1981 – 82, now living in Motueka. Another was the first Mexican visitor to the Swamp who loved her experience of real kiwiana. And yet others whose homes of origin were China and Malaya. This bunch were ably led by Robyn and Murray who have done so much since the Trust came into existence to make it into the beautiful place it is now.
Robyn has made friends with the robins which have moved in to the nearby forest, she knows them by name and they come at her call. They freely collected meal worms from Robyn’s hand but were hesitant about taking them from others.
Robyn and Murray supplied us with 250 small trees which we planted on Saturday, leaving Sunday free for an extensive walk led by Bruce who showed us where various houses, coal mine and sawmill were when he lived there.
Thanks to Julie for organising a great weekend.



Murray and Bruce