Defending nature

New Zealand is getting ready for one of the biggest legal cases threatening our wild places
for many years - and land hungry industries around the country are watching closely.

This case is about more than Ruahine Forest Park and the Ruataniwha dam, what would be
New Zealand’s largest irrigation dam. It’s about all of New Zealand’s specially protected conservation areas, and whether they’re protected from commercial interests.

Supported by thousands of people like you, Forest & Bird will argue in defence of New Zealand’s conservation law in the Supreme Court this February. Please help defend nature by making a donation today.

Our small dedicated team of lawyers and scientists already won in the court of Appeal, and with your help, we will win in the Supreme Court as well.

Does the government have the right to exchange parts of our conservation land, which will then be destroyed? The outcome of this case will determine whether specially protected public land can be obtained and destroyed by private businesses, or whether that land belongs to the people
of New Zealand, and to the environment.

Forest & Bird is going to the Supreme Court this month to say that conservation land belongs to all of us, and to nature.

With your help, we will fight this all the way. Please make a donation today.

Now more than ever New Zealand’s oceans need a strong defence.

Eighty percent of our native species live in New Zealand’s oceans. Yet rather than looking after our wildlife, the Government’s proposal for marine protection looks after the oil, gas and mineral industries.

As New Zealand’s leading independent voice for nature, and we’re working to ensure that all our oceans will be covered by the proposed Marine Protected Areas Act. Earlier this year more than 2,000 Forest & Bird supporters spoke up and made submissions to the Government's marine protection discussion document that excluded 96% of our oceans. Our ocean and our native species that inhabit it are under constant threat. Maui dolphins are critically endangered with little more than 50 left. Nearly all of our oceans have been fished and are open to some form of fishing. More than 12% of oceans have been allocated for mining or oil and gas permits.

With your support we can defend our oceans and unique native species that call them home.

Now more than ever, New Zealand needs a strong voice for nature.

In January, NASA and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that 2015 was the hottest year for the world since records began in 1880, and now 2016 is set to be the warmest year on earth ever recorded according to a the UK Met Office.

Climate disruption is happening right here - in the place we call home. By 2040, Forest & Bird want New Zealand to have reduced gross greenhouse gas emissions by 70% or more from 1990, to be carbon neutral, and to have taken steps to increase nature's resilience against climate disruption.

Click here for more information about Forest & Bird's Climate Disruption campaign.

Together we can help protect our country from climate change. We can make a difference.

Right now in the High Court Forest & Bird is battling to prevent a dangerous precedent that could put at risk more than 1.5 million hectares of specially protected conservation land. With your help our legal team is court to ensure that the specially protected Ruahine Forest Park isn’t carved up, reclassified and bartered away to be flooded by the Ruataniwha irrigation dam.

In Northland we are calling on the government to step up pest control and prevent the collapse of one of the country’s oldest forests. With support from people like you, Forest & Bird will continue to defend our conservation forests and the laws that protect them.

Help us help nature.

Together we can work to defend our rivers and lakes now and for native species that live within them, and for the enjoyment of future generations.

Our freshwater is in trouble. Two thirds of our lowland rivers will make you sick if you swim in them. You may even have seen for yourself the toxic blue-green algae that can kill a dog that drinks it.

Our unique native fish are rapidly disappearing. Our treasured tuna (longfin eel) are in trouble. Forest & Bird is a strong defender of our freshwater. Working with volunteers throughout the country, our legal team highlights poor compliance with environmental protections and on behalf of nature, holds councils and other authorities to account.

More than 3,000 spoke up to defend freshwater this year sending in submissions on the Government’s discussion document. An appeal to the High Court in 2015 over the Ruataniwha irrigation scheme case resulted in the setting of a much stronger nitrogen limit for water quality for the Tukituki River.

We're working to protect and restore waterways across the country. With support from people like you, Forest & Bird will continue to defend our rivers and lakes for people to enjoy, and native species to thrive in.