Get Involved

We need your help to save NZ's precious natural heritage. Here’s how to get active in conservation

As a hands-on conservation group, we encourage our members to ‘be the change’ and involve themselves in all types of activities, from planting to petitioning.

Depending on your interests, skills and availability there are a number of ways you can join in to help save our environment.

  • Volunteer – Forest & Bird members hit our reserves and coastlines every weekend to take part in planting, pest control and restoration projects. Learn how you can volunteer for Forest & Bird. More
  • Be Heard – Forest & Bird is the voice for a variety of threatened species, such as the kakapo, kiwi and Maui's dolphin.  Find out how your voice can help them be heard. More
  • Backyard projects – You can make a difference in your own backyard or neighbourhood, for example by creating your own wetland, or making your garden a haven for native wildlife. More

Our members receive up-to-date conservation news, a quarterly magazine, access to our lodges and the chance to get involved in our projects. If you would like to join Forest & Bird, go here