Kiwi innovation helps protect the environment

01 Nov 2012

Forest & Bird works tirelessly to protect, preserve and restore our unique and fragile natural environment. In New Zealand we dump 575 million nappies per year in landfills (which are said to take up to 500 years to breakdown).

These landfill sites are degrading our natural environment and impacting on native species of plants and animals. Forest & Bird recognises the negative impact of all these non-biodegradable soiled nappies so we have partnered with local Kiwi company Envirochoice to promote their Little Genie range of biodegrable environmentally sensitive baby products. 

Rather than taking years to start to breakdown, testing of the Little Genie brand Bio-Nappies showed that half of the nappy had degraded within only 180 days. This is better for the environment, better for our native species and better for the planet.

Forest & Bird is delighted to announce our partnership with EnviroChoice and their innovative Little Genie range. Each eligible Little Genie product makes a direct and lasting contribution towards and cleaner, greener and more sustainable New Zealand. It allows Forest & Bird to continue to be the voice for nature; to fight to preserve what New Zealand unique and protect endangered native species.

This partnership brings together an iconic Kiwi charity with the best of Kiwi innovation to help kiwi and all the other native species that depend on our efforts for their survival.

Look out for the specially marked Forest & Bird Little Gene Bio Nappy and Bio Nappy pants packs for free Forest & Bird stickers and poster offer.

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