Leave a gift in your will

Help us protect the wonders of New Zealand for future generations. Leave a legacy for future generations and leave nature in safe hands.

“I was standing on the deck immersed in a phone conversation feeling the sort of stress that is so typical of most of our busy lives. As I looked across a tiny fantail was darting acrobatically a few feet away. I guess it was chasing the local bug life. Incredibly it landed a few feet away and hopped over to me as if I was just another tree or something. I completely forgot my phone conversation and gazed at the little bird. For what seemed like several minutes we just looked at each other; both taking a break from our busy lives. As if chasing some invisible insect, the Fantail was airborne again engaged in an intricate aerial ballet just a few feet from me. I watched it for several more minutes until it disappeared into the trees in hot pursuit of a particularly tasty looking dragonfly. That was my ‘connecting with nature’ moment,” Forest & Bird member.

Have you ever had a connecting with nature moment?

Those moments that lift you outside yourself, away from your thoughts and makes you smile. You connect with nature; understand its beauty, fragility and your place within it.
It is these brief moments that can change lives; the transitory becomes permanent. New Zealand is blessed with some of most incredible natural wonders; from the fearless fantail to the archaic Tuatara, the rugged coastline to alpine plateau.  Sadly these wonders are threatened by introduced pests, urban and industrial developments, unsustainable farming and fishing practices and habitat loss. Globally one fifth of all the world’s plant and animal species are under threat of extinction. In the past three decades alone the world has lost more than 20 species of birds and almost 200 more are classified as critically endangered. Many of our iconic species sit on the very edge of extinction and could disappear forever within our lifetimes.

The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand works to protect our amazing native animals, fragile natural habitats & unique landscapes. From kiwi to maui’s dolphin, ocean to high-country plateau; we’re working to preserve what makes New Zealand so special for future generations. For almost a century, Forest & Bird has been fighting to preserve the natural wonders of New Zealand. We give nature a voice and we need your help. By remembering Forest & Bird in your will, you will ensure that nature has a voice for years to come.

Leave a legacy for future generations

It is important to have a will to ensure that your wishes for your estate are carried out and to minimise the chances of your wishes being contested.

It is important to consult your solicitor, Guardian Trust or Public Trust office for advice in drawing up your will.

General gifts towards the work of Forest & Bird provide flexibility for us to respond to conservation issues as they emerge. However we would be delighted to discuss with you the best options if you wish to leave a gift in your will towards a specific purpose.

There are a number of ways in which you can support our work in your will…


Once you have made provision for your family and friends, you may wish to leave Forest & Bird the remainder of your estate (the residue) or a percentage of it to the Society.

Percentage or Fraction

You may wish to leave a percentage or fraction of your estate to the Society.

Specified Sum or Assets

You may prefer to leave a specific amount of money, real estate, shares, bonds, items or a nominated gift to the Society.

Gift of Natural Areas

If you wish to leave a gift of a natural area it is preferable to discuss this with Forest & Bird in advance. To help the Society care for the area gifted, provision should be made under your will for a fund, payable to the Society for the ongoing maintenance of the property.

Or Leave a Gift in Perpetuity to the Forest & Bird Endowment Fund

A gift to the Forest & Bird Endowment Fund is a gift that just keeps giving. Money held in the fund is invested as capital and left to build over time. The Society is able to use a portion of the earned interest annually to fund its daily conservation work, giving the society a secure future.

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Forest & Bird.

Setting up the appropriate type of legacy can be a complicated matter. I would be delighted to discuss your wishes and help you decide on the best type of gift. Feel free to contact me if you would like a confidential discussion about how best to implement your wishes and how best to support Forest & Bird.

For further information please contact:

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Relationship Manager
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