On the Block

New Zealand’s rivers, oceans and public conservation land is up for sale to the highest bidder, and Forest & Bird wants to stop it. 

Our wild  and treasured places are being opened up to gas and oil drilling, mining and logging as the government ignores warnings of climate change, and seeks to advance an economic agenda that harms, rather than protects. 

The government is currently selling exploitation rights to 925,200 hectares of conservation and private land, and more than 39 million hectares of ocean, through an international tender process.  

The New Zealand we all want to live in is one where our coastline is home to a network of marine reserves; our rivers are unpolluted and safe for swimming; and our conservation land is protected as a home for our threatened and rare species; not as a resource to be plundered


Selling Out Fast: NZ on the Block 

Forest & Bird members and staff from across the country are taking action. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight the areas that are being placed “On the Block” by putting up For Sale signs (see google map below). To see a slideshow of images, see here

Take part!

We're encouraging people to download an A3 For Sale sign, take their own photos of those areas that are “On the Block,” and send the images to Forest & Bird’s main Facebook page, or Twitter account. Please use the hashtag #nzontheblock.