Omarama Station Tenure Review

 A tenure review is currently underway on Omarama Station. The review proposes freeholding 99% of the lease (8,620 ha) with several conservation covenants and continuation of 2 existing QEII covenants.

The Crown Pastoral Lands Act prefers that land with significant inherent values be returned to the Crown but this is not being adhered to in this case.

Forest and Bird have made a submission to oppose this review and suggest an alternative proposal. Read the proposal here.

These high-country areas contain many rare and threatened habitats, plants, lizards and invertebrates which warrant full protection as Conservation land. The proposed and existing covenants allow for light ongoing grazing which Forest and Bird says is unlikely to be ecologically sustainable as grazing will continue to change the ecological composition of the tussock grasslands, and reduce native, herb, grass and shrub regeneration.

We need your help

Please write a letter to the Minister of Conservation and the Minister of Lands (details below). Ask the Ministers what evidence do they have that freeholding will protect high biodiversity land, or simply state that you are not happy that such a large area of high biodiversity land is being freeholded. 

The Minister of Conservation
The Hon. Nick Smith 
Private Bag 18888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Alternatively send an email to, and CC to the Minister of Lands: The Hon. Maurice Williamson,

 For more information, please contact Sue Maturin at