Save the Mokihinui

Forest & Bird and other parties to the resource consent hearing have lodged an appeal to the Environment Court against Meridian's plan to dam the Mokihinui River.

We need the strength of the Department of Conservation to also appeal the decision, and therefore urge you to write to the Minister and the Department at:

Ask them to:
1. Support the strong case they made at the resource consent hearing by appealing the decision
2. Point out that the dissenting commissioner agreed that the ecological effects (despite mitigation) outweighed any economic benefit
3. State your own appreciation of the Mokihinui river and public conservation land area and urge the Department to do all within its power to protect the Mokihinui from being dammed.

This is very important as the Department has extensive resources that community organisations do not always have access to. For 5 minutes of your time, you could help save this river.

Please show your continued support for this campaign. The campaign to save the Mokihinui is not over until the valley is flooded.