Profiles: Rena Volunteers

Hundreds of Forest & Bird volunteers worked during the clean up of the Rena oil spill, rehabilitating wildlife, cleaning beaches, and preparing contingency plans to protect important wildlife areas.

Below are some profiles of volunteers and staff who were on the ground working to save our  wildlife and wild-places. 

Maureen Burgess

Long-term member Maureen worked alongside Massey vets rehabilitating birds at the Oiled Wildlife Response center, where she managed the kitchen.


Julian Fitter

Known during the clean up as “The Boom and Wildlife Man”, Julian volunteered to set up booms to prevent oil from reaching the Maketu Estuary.



Karen Baird

Seabird-expert, Karen Baird worked in the morgue, identifying oil-soaked seabirds.

Photo: Kim Westerskov


Al Fleming 

Forest & Bird's Central North Island Field Officer Al worked at the Oiled Wildlife Response Centre, advising other members on how they could volunteer.