The Southeast Wildlink

In December 2017 Forest & Bird started an initiative called the Southeast Wildlink (SEW). The aim of this project is to increase native biodiversity between Totara Park and Clevedon Scenic Reserve in South Auckland and create safe corridors for birds to travel, feed and breed within the SEW project zone. The species of particular focus are at-risk kaka (that have been sighted in the area) and native bellbird, kereru and tui.

As a wider view this initiative also supports the North-West Wildlink project, which focuses on migration between the biodiversity hotspots of the Waitakeres, Hunua Ranges and pest free Islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

The Southeast Wildlink is located in the Papakura & Wairoa River catchment between Totara Park; Manurewa and Clevedon Scenic Reserve; Clevedon, Auckland. This area includes two Forest & Bird Reserves that are managed by the South Auckland branch - Olive Davis Reserve(8.0937 ha) and Ngaheretuku Reserve (15.1428ha). It also includes a number of properties that have been identified as significant ecological areas or biodiversity focus areas by Auckland Council - having either significant indigenous vegetation or significant habitats of indigenous fauna and are therefore protected from the adverse effects of subdivision, use and development.

The practical aspects of the project will be to provide support and training for locals to carry out animal pest control and monitoring, and continue the animal pest control already occurring at Olive Davis & Ngaheretuku Reserves.

We are aligning this initiative with the Predator Free NZ goal of ridding New Zealand of the top three species that cause the most damage to our native flora & fauna. These are rats, possums and stoats.

We are currently  looking for volunteers who can help with the project and local landowners who would like to become involved. If you would like more information please contact Project Manager Naomi Harrison on email or by phone on 09 302 3902.