Please join the fight for freshwater

Summer is nearly upon us and it is timely to think more about the great outdoors.

A lot has changed since the days we took clean safe rivers, lakes and streams for granted.

Pollution means many of the swimming holes where we once swam and played are no longer safe.  It also means that three-quarters of our native freshwater species are in danger of extinction.  With your help, future generations can enjoy our freshwater, the way you did.   

Please make a donation today so that together we can save native wildlife reliant on our freshwater.

Use your voice to help us push for the Government to adopt national objectives strong enough to protect all freshwater and estuarine habitats within 5 years.  Within 10 years we want a comprehensive network of protected freshwater and estuarine habitats.  By 2040, we want to see healthy freshwater and estuarine habitats and indigenous species with New Zealand primary industries, including farming, protecting and enhancing nature.

Using water must no longer come at such a high cost to nature.

Together we can stop the damage to freshwater ecosystems and turn around the decline of our native freshwater birds and fish. Please help us fight for our freshwater, and donate today .