Save Northland Forests

Native forests across Northland are collapsing under the weight of decades of neglect.

Relentlessly under attack day and night, these fragile habitats have fallen prey to pests literally eating their way through everything.

Trees, seedlings, seed, lizards, chicks, eggs, bats and bugs – have all been on the menu for more than 20 years in areas of little or no pest control.

As we appeal to you for help today, ancient tōtara, pōhutukawa, rātā and pūriri are dying. 

The collapse is in full swing. We cannot allow this to continue.

Please stand strong with Forest & Bird as we work to defend Northland’s forests and protect what little we have left.

You can help us stand up for nature before our forests fall further by making a donation.

Your gift will mean we can continue to put pressure on the government to bring Northland’s native forests back to life, and will help us build on work with hapū, government agencies, groups and individuals working together to turn the situation around. 

There is a rising tide of people on the ground fighting this collapse with pest control, but we need your help to save the forests too.


Kākāriki are just one of the many species threatened by forest collapse and are now extinct north of Kawakawa (Photo by Janice McKenna). 

Make a donation and help save Northland's forests today