Telephone Donations: Q&A

Forest & Bird relies on donations to fund its services; one of the best ways to do this is through our telefundraising programme. This is where people make donations after being contacted by phone.  These calls are made on our behalf by a fundraising organisation called One4All, a company which operates within the City Council Chambers in Palmerston North.

Please note that our telefundraising campaign is ongoing across all regions around the country.

Q.      How does it work?

A.      A One4All fundraiser will contact you by phone and ask you if you are able to support Forest & Bird, if you confirm you are able you will be provided an 0900 number to call. The number given you will vary as it's based on the amount you are able to give. For example there is one number for $20 donations, another for $30, etc.

Q.      Can One4all or Forest & Bird charge my telephone account on my behalf?

A.      No, you need to ring a 0900 number given to you by One4All from the landline that you wish to be charged for the donation. Neither One4all or Forest & Bird can access or charge your account. You or someone who has access to your landline needs to call the 0900 number provided and follow the instruction in order for your phone account to be charged. There is a warning as soon as you call the number that if you do not wish to be charged you should hang up now. If you do not hang up after hearing this prompt - you will then be charged.

Q.      If I call a 0900 number twice will I be charged twice?

A.      Yes, each time you dial the number and follow the instructions your account is charged. Sometimes this may be intentional however as we do not have a $100 donation line callers who wish to make a $100 donation are asked to call the $50 donation line twice to make the total amount up that they wish to give. Please note there is a warning as soon as you call the number that if you do not wish to be charged you should hang up now. If you do not hang up after hearing this prompt - you will then be charged.

Q.      Are there other ways to donate if I am contacted by One4All?

A.      Yes, you can also donate by cheque (you will be sent a letter and a slip to make this process easier when sending your cheque back) or over the phone by credit card. How you wish to donate is entirely up to you and we are grateful for all support.

Q.      Is there an additional service charge or GST component to my donation?

A.      Donations do not attract GST however some telephone providers such as Snap do charge a service fee to their customers who call 0900 numbers. This often appears on your statement as GST. We cannot control this and Forest & Bird doesn't receive anything from this charge. To find out more please contact your telecommunications provider directly before donating.

Q. What options will I have to donate to Forest & Bird if a One4All telemarketer calls me?

You will have the option to donate $20, $30, $50 or $60 by calling a 0900 number provided by the caller.  This donation will be added to your telephone account and appear on your next bill. 

Other options to make a donation are providing your credit card number and choosing the amount you wish to donate.

Q. Are there other ways I can support Forest & Bird?

A. Yes, if making a phone donation is not your preferred way of supporting us, please visit here. 

Q. Will I receive a receipt for my phone donation?

A. Yes, One4All will post a receipt to you in the mail.

Q. Who can I contact if I want more information about telemarketing fundraising for Forest & Bird?

Please call Forest & Bird on 0800 200 064 and ask for a fundraising team member or email  

NOTE: The 0900 number is an automated donation line – if you want to discuss any questions, please use the contact details above.