Branch Projects

Local projects involve promoting restoration, revegetation, weed and pest control and increasing backyard biodiversity

Bringing Red and Yellow Admiral Butterflies back to the City

Forest & Bird Central Auckland Branch also invites you to support Rob Jones (a fellow member and dedicated butterfly enthusiast) to establish pockets of natural habitat for the purpose of providing Red and Yellow Admiral Butterflies with a place to nest and flourish within the city. 

Native Nettles are the main food plant for larvae of the New Zealand Red and Yellow Admiral Butterflies or Kahukura, Bassaris gonerilla. Rob has gained permission from Auckland City Council to plant nettles in Balmoral Heights Park and Meadowbank, and is also helping people with creating nettle habitats in their own gardens. He has also established a butterfly house at Eden Gardens.

If you would like to register an interest in this project and get more information about it please email Rob at or Jane at