Hamlins Hill / Mutukaroa

This 48ha of open space in the middle of a highly-modified urban environment has had significant input from F&B over the years. Hamlins Hill was finally purchased and managed as Open Space by central and local government bodies a decade or so ago after a lot of Forest and Bird lobbying and planting of native bush in one area of the parkland by our volunteers. The park's ownership and management in perpetuity is still under discussion by these parties. Currently it is managed jointly by ACC as a reserve and ARC as a regional park.

The bush restoration which F&B initiated ten or so years ago has matured to provide an area of bush where the trees form a canopy above you, and the flowers and fruit have started attracting native birds into the area. Gravelled walking tracks have been laid through this bush area for easy access.

Volunteer work remains on-going. Some volunteers work regularly up at the park. Volunteer work includes planting, weed control, and track maintenance. 

To get to Hamlins Hill, there is a carpark on Great South Road (near the intersection with Sylvia Park Rd) and a formed unsealed roadway from there up the hill to the bush area. To see a map of location please click here.