Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve, Glendowie

Tahuna Torea is an area with a very lengthy history of Forest and Bird input and support.

It is an area of high ecological significance and importance in City Plans. It is one of the few well-restored wetland areas on the isthmus with good weed management.

Photo showing the results of pampus removal - Te Ngahere

This reserve has a large number of shorebirds and some seabirds living there. Tahuna Torea is the only reserve in Auckland City where dogs are banned.

There has been and still is a large input of volunteer work at this reserve. Volunteer work is mainly in the form of clean-ups and weed-control measures and track maintenance.

Just recently (2008) identification signs paid for by F&B with Auckland City were erected on a new walkway in the reserve, naming and describing trees planted there over the years mainly by volunteers.

.Photo of one of the signs with F&B logo - Karen Hally