Waiheke Island Animal Management


Pest Animal Management

Waiheke Island may be possum free but there are many other pests such as rats, stoats and feral cats that threaten our native flora and fauna.

Lincoln Jackson; Te Haahi-Goodwin Reserve Co-Ranger

Lincoln Jackson; Te Haahi-Goodwin Reserve Co-Ranger

Responsible pet ownership

The branch has also collaborated with Waiheke SPCA to compile a “Responsible pet ownership brochure’ that is specifically aimed at residents of Waiheke Island.

This came about due to an increasing threat to avian species such as banded rails and korora (little blue penguins) from ‘off leash’ dogs and abandoned and feral cats which were growing in number.

You can download the brochure here 

Thanks also to the Hauraki Gulf Conservation Trust who assisted with printing and distribution.