Denniston BioBlitz (March 2nd - 4th, 2012)

Forest & Bird put the unique plants and animals of the Denniston Plateau under the microscope as part of our work to protect this unique ecosystem in a reserve, and save it from plans for a series of open-cast coal mines.  


Scientists from across New Zealand supported by a strong volunteer force scoured this threatened area from 6pm on Friday to 2pm on Sunday to grab a snapshot of the inhabitants of this rare ecosystem.

The 150-strong team revealed an impressive list of over 505 species that live on the plateau, from rare reptiles and ancient velvet worms to our threatened great spotted kiwi

During the BioBlitz, a new species of day-flying moth was discovered by entomologist Brian Patrick and his team. The moth was one of four nationally threatened insects found on the plateau by his team. 

In total, Patrick and his team discovered 77 species of insects which underscores the diversity of life on the Denniston plateau. 

We are currently running a competition to name this new moth species. Enter your chosen name for a chance to make natural history!