Dunedin Branch AGM

Come and join us for our 2018 AGM!

Everyone is welcome. Following the AGM we have a real treat for you: a talk by Anton Van Helden, Forest & Bird Marine Conservation Advocate, who will speak on 'Whales, tales and marine conservation'.

Anton van Helden has spent most of his life working with whales and for 24 years was the marine mammal specialist at the National Museum.

In that time, he managed the New Zealand Whale Stranding Database for the Department of Conservation, collected specimens, and researched and developed what has become one of the largest collections of marine mammals in the world. He was intimately involved in the creation of the "Whales Tohorä" exhibition, that has been touring North America since 2008, with over 2 million visitors having viewed it. Anton is now one of Forest & Bird's marine advocates.

He is an outstanding speaker and we hope you will join us for this occasion. Nibbles and drinks will be available, with a gold-coin-minimum donation requested from attendees. Please be on time as we have to hold the door open.


Whales: Will we ever learn?

Whales loom large in our minds, revered as creatures of mythology and mystery. And yet whales are elusive, we still know so very little about them and their lives. Even the most commonly seen species defy our ability to study them. Technological advances have provided insights that have challenged our perceptions of them, and force us to rethink how we manage their world. New  discoveries show us that however remarkable we thought they were, they are only more so.

Exploited by whaling, impacted by pollution and fisheries, collisions with ships, and new threats we are only just beginning to appreciate. Noise in our oceans, and the very real threat of impacts from climate change. What can we do?