Field Trip in the Waitaki Valley

With Dr Geoff Rogers and Graeme Loh Rambles in limestone land

An introduction to the special calcicoles of the Waitaki Valley. We plan to visit at least three remnants of 25 million year old Otekaike Limestone about Duntroon, each with special landform and plant life features: Elephant Rocks, Earthquakes and Gard Rd.

Some of the very rare limestone associated plants we will see are Carmichaelia hollowayi, Anisotome patula, Poa spania, Lepidium sisymbrioides and Gentianella calcis. There are also special dryland shrubs such as Sophora prostrata. Gard Rd has a paleontological dimension with 25 million year old dolphin, whale and penguin fossils.

We will be accompanied by Graeme Loh, who has made a huge investment in protecting and restoring the special biodiversity features of the limestone outcrops of the lower Waitaki valley.

Car pool $30 at Dunedin Botany Department carpark by 8:00AM sharp.

For Waitaki Branch people: meet at the Elephant Rocks carpark on the Island Cliff-Duntroon Rd (5km south of Duntroon) at 10:00AM.

Any questions, please get in touch with us.

​Dr Geoff Rogers

Phone: 027 2292111 

Graeme Loh

Phone: 0211322436