MEETING: Between a rock and a hard place - the story of glaciation in the Rangitata Valley

Jamie Shulmeister will describe how ice advanced and retreated through the Rangiata valley numerous times during the last ice age, with a focus on the Butler and Brabazon Downs and Lake Clearwater area, which was part of the Rangitata Glacier. His talk will be well illustrated and explain the landforms and sediments left behind, and also what the glaciers tell us about climate change in New Zealand.

Jamie is a Professor of Geography (Geomorphology) at the University of Queensland, Australia. Previously based at the University of Canterbury, Jamie has studied the glacial history of various parts of the South Island for nearly 20 years. His talk will summarise more than 10 years' work in the Rangitata and Ashburton Lakes area.

NB: This meeting is on the 4th Thursday of November, not the 3rd. Also, the meeting will start at 7 pm as this is our end-of-year meeting. Please bring some food, savoury or dessert, to share with coffee/tea before Jamie's presentation.