Middelmost Mudfish Site Working Bee

Working Waters Trust and Forest and Bird will have our next working bee for the Middelmost Mudfish Project on Sunday the 19th March. We'll be weeding around the native plants etc. As a special extra to celebrate the end of the first year of the project we'll have a celebration BBQ at 12 30pm, followed by the working bee at 2:30pm-5pm.


For the BBQ, bring salads, vegetarian options, drinks, or bread and sauces. The landowner, Althea, says she has the meat for the barbie sorted.


Usual items of sunhat, sun screen, water, gardening gloves are needed as well as long pants recommended as some thistles have been growing up.


Meet at 332 Island Rd, View Hill, west of Oxford. Please let me know if you are keen to come along by emailing sophie@workingwaters.org, and mention if you would like to share a ride.