Nelson-Tasman: Evening Talk about Healthy Oceans

NOTE 3rd Wednesday instead of our usual 2nd Wednesday.

Glenn Edney is an Ocean ecologist, underwater naturalist, professional diver, sailor, teacher and author. He has been exploring the Ocean and interacting with Ocean life for more than 30 years.
A professional diver Glenn has spent more than a year in total dive-time underwater. His professional diving career started in 1986 when he worked as an aquarium assistant and shark diver at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World. He dived at the remarkable Poor Knights Islands with underwater naturalists, Wade and Jan Doak, on a daily basis. He was part of the dedicated team of diving enthusiasts and conservationists who finally achieved a marine reserve fully closed to fishing in 1998. He has run his own live-aboard dive business at the Poor Knights and still regularly skippers dive excursions to the islands.
Glenn has an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College and Plymouth University in the UK. He studied Gaia theory, as well as complexity and chaos theory as they apply to ecological systems. He is a regular teacher on the MSc programme and a Masters dissertation supervisor and tutor on the Schumacher Certificate Programme in Colombia. His ongoing research is focused on understanding the Ocean as a living system, bringing together traditional indigenous Ocean knowledge and modern scientific ecological understanding. This research has led to his work with RESCCUE (Resilience of Ecosystems and Societies to Climate Change), an EU funded program in Vanuatu.
Over the years Glenn’s understanding of the Ocean as a vast living system has evolved from the many unique encounters he has experienced. His latest book, The Ocean is Alive: Re-visioning our relationship with the Living Ocean, tells the story of a living Ocean and is the culmination of his current exploration into Ocean consciousness and Ocean mind.
Together with his wife Janey, they founded Ocean Spirit in 2015 with the aim of fostering in humanity a deeper and more harmonious relationship with the living Ocean. A large part of their current work is on educating about Ocean plastic pollution. They have launched the “Tutukaka Coast Plastic Free” Initiative, working with schools and community groups to engender change in the way we use plastics.