North Canterbury: Stoat & Rodent monitoring, Boyle Base

© Christian Roberts

© Christian Roberts

Forest and Bird North Canterbury branch run a stoat trapping programme around their Boyle Base hut in the Lewis Pass area.

Monitoring of rodents and mustalids is a vital component of the programme and Lesley leads the monitoring trips four times a year. Volunteers will learn about the monitoring programme and help set out the monitoring tunnels as well as check the stoat traps and general hut maintenance, as required.

The monitoring team will stay at Forest and Bird’s very cosy and comfortable Boyle Base Hut which is located about 6km past the Engineers camp on the right-hand side of the road. Click here to see the location of the hut.

You are welcome to come for the whole week or the weekend only. Spaces are limited so please contact Lesley to book a spot or for further information.

Lesley is also looking for keen volunteers to help with the Stoat Trapping Programme. Please contact her if you think you'll be able to make a regular commitment to the trapping programme.