Public Talk: Brian Patrick - Drylands of Christchurch

Brian is an entomologist specialising in butterflies and moths but broad interests in insect-plant relationships, and botany and other insect groups. He works as a senior ecologist with Wildlands in Christchurch but has a diverse background in museum management (Otago Museum and director of Central Stories in Alexandra), a conservancy advisory scientist for the Department of Conservation in Otago, accountancy and shop management.

He has co-authoured many books including the "Wild" series with Neville Peat (Wild Dunedin, Wild Central, Wild Fiordland and Wild Rivers), with his son "Butterflies of the South Pacific" (2012), and more recently "Rivers Rare" (2016) with Neville Peat - 25 years of Project River Recovery.

Supper and a chat after the talk.