Public Talk: Just Do It! Getting Beyond the Talk on Climate.

Forest & Bird say NATURE NEEDS OUR HELP and needs it NOW. Direct engagement with nature is good for the planet, good for our wildlife and good for us both personally and as one of the species needing to survive climate change. There have already been climate-related extinctions. Come and learn what Forest & Bird is wanting New Zealand to do, what we are doing as an organisation both nationally and locally, and how you can join in to become a 'Hero for Nature' and make a difference.

Guest speakers include Geoff Keey, Strategic Advisor, Forest & Bird and Colleen Philip, Chairperson, North Canterbury Forest & Bird

A 'challenge and response' panel following the guest speakers will include a representative from Generation Zero, Sophie Allen from 'Climate Diet Aotearoa' and Torfrida Wainwright from who will share some of their ideas about what we can do - now.

Entry $5. Free to CoCA and Forest & Bird members. Booking recommended here.

You are all invited to supper across the road at the WEA, hosted by the local (North Canterbury) Forest & Bird branch, after this meeting.

Note the change of time and venue from our usual public talks.