Public Talk: Microbes and Climate Change or Don't Forget the Bugs

Thankfully, many people are persuaded that we have a dire future if we do not quickly and greatly reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. Whatever our success in doing so, microbes will have a considerable role in determining what that future might be. Might their activities amplify the warming caused by us or might they act to reduce that warming? They have roles in both increasing and decreasing the atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

We will look at some examples of recent science that contribute to an understanding of what the future might hold. Major themes will focus on global scale effects and on our ignorance including the difficulties of understanding highly complex ecological systems. There will be some graphs but an effort will be made to make them understandable! Forests, birds and whales will also be mentioned. After all, everything is connected to microbes in some way.

Paul Broady is a microbiologist with a particular interest in microscopic algae.

Supper and a chat afterwards. All welcome.