Waikato Branch AGM. Warwick Silvester speaks on Native trees. Do they have an economic future?

For too long we felled, milled and burned our native forests until our lowlands were stripped and replaced with pasture. At that point suddenly every indigenous tree species was given a form of state protection. About 20 years ago a group of us ran a conference entitled Native Trees for the Future - growing native trees for timber made good ecological and economic sense. Out of this arose Tanes Tree Trust, the provenance, rationale and success of which will be discussed. Warwick Silvester is the Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at University of Waikato. He has interests in plant nutrition and productivity and has published papers on nitrogen fixation, nitrogen cycling and tree physiology. He is currently Chair of Pukemokemoke Forest Trust and is the inaugural KuDos Lifetime Achievement Awardee in recognition of outstanding achievements in environmental research.