Ark in the Park urgently needs your help with their re-introduction of kokako

22 Oct 2010

Ark in the Park (A partnership between Forest and Bird Waitakere and Auckland Regional Council - in the Waitakere Ranges) urgently needs your help with their re-introduction of kokako:

A) Radio tracking of transmittered kokako that have been released this season:

volunteers wanted. With 22 kokako now in the Waitakeres, 12 of which are transmitted, we need help on the radio tracking roster. Training is brief, & the procedure is simple. If you are able to give 3-4 hours weekly or fortnightly, walking some of the walking tracks at the Cascades please ring Laurence at 8378537 or email

B) Finding territories (and nests) of kokako released last season:

1. Listening to kokako recordings. No level of physical difficulty,
technical training is provided.
2. Deploying recorders. Physically variable, but moderate to easy.
Technical training provided.
3. On track kokako listening/finding. Moderate physically, training
provided, using powerful playback equipment.
4. Off track kokako finding. Physically demanding, but very rewarding, and
this is what all the above is really about. We need to identify the
territories of the established kokako, and their nesting success or
Contact: Andy Warneford. Ark in the Park, Field Coordination officer.
810 8133w, 021 644 853a/h, 810 7220h email:

More info on Ark in the Park: