Blue Wellington: September Report

03 Sep 2009

The September meeting turned out to be an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and information. As always there was an eclectic bunch of marine enthusiasts from whale savers to beach cleaners, scientists, politicans and designers.

The major issues facing the Wellington marine environment were discussed, all sorts of things aye, crikey theres lots to do. Some of the ideas that came through for Blue Wellington to action include: Marine reserve advocacy Human chain for conservation week next year imitating this years Leigh Marine Reserve project, Investigation of need for greater coastal plant availability.

Blue Wellington business cards - spreading the net wide, Submission writing gatherings and advocacy re enforcement. Excellent! The vision for Blue Wellington seems pretty clear - keep getting people talking, keep getting them together and providing interesting talks and motivation. Keep developing projects that support the wider environmental community. Thats where we are at and thats what we're doing....

 Beach Clean-Up A Success

The "Reclaim Our Beach" clean-up at Evans Bay on the 19th of September brought together a great group of keen people both above and below water....and cleaned some serious beach! In Blue Wellington style the event was supported by a plethora of local groups; Lyall Bay Coast Care, Evans Bay Environment Project, Project Jonah,, as well as some awesome people just looking to do something positive for the environment on a Saturday afternoon.

Momentum is growing for more to be done about protecting our harbour, foreshore and ocean from the plastic tide...and bag monsters.