Good Progress at Atuanui in 2009

11 Dec 2009

Volunteers on the Atuanui Restoration Project (22km north of Kaukapakapa on SH16) have contributed hundreds of hours to pest control and planting this year.

Tree planting and pest control have been the focus of efforts by ARP volunteers this season.
There was a great turn out of helpers for the Arbour Day community tree planting in June.
Our planters put in about 300 native trees to form a picnic area by the stile at the top of the Kaipara Hills Road access to Atuanui.

The native trees were sponsored by the Rodney District Council and included flax, puriri, pittosporum, manuka, and cabbage trees - all supplied by Kaipara Coast Plant Centre.
Once the trees are established, a picnic table will be moved into an area kept clear to form shelter.
Pest control has been the main focus of volunteer efforts this year.

The large DOC250 stoat traps have been carried out to the boundaries, and rat control is being done using the 635 bait-stations that are spread across the reserve on a 100m x 100m grid.
Work on finishing the bait-station grid on the north side of the reserve by a contractor was funded by Birdlife International’s Conservation for Communities Fund.

We are about half way through the rat control now and still need more volunteers to put Ratabate rat poison into the bait-stations.

This is challenging work on steep and often slippery bush slopes, but volunteers have made great progress this month.

More help is needed, so if you would like a morning tramping and putting out Ratabate, please contact us by email or phone. For contact details see page 2.
The cost of the Ratabate poison was funded by the Auckland Regional Council’s Environmental Initiative Fund.

Possum control has also been carried out across the entire reserve by a contractor, (as only a licensed contractor is allowed to distribute the Feratox possum poison). The possum control was made possible by a grant from the ASB Community Trust, (who also fund our project co-ordinator position).

Our thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work and to our funders for supporting restoration planting and pest control at Atuanui.