KCC bigger, better and a brighter future

05 Apr 2013

Recently I was invited to join the annual get together of the Kiwi Conservation Club co-ordinators in Dunedin.  What an inspiring and invigorating experience!

All too often KCC co-ordinators are working in isolation and this was an opportunity for networking, discussing new projects, exchanging ideas and bouncing around thoughts for the future. They certainly made the most of it. We are indeed very fortunate to have such a dedicated bunch of people to instill future generations a sense of wonderment of nature, respect for the environment, and a love of fun.  

Generally these incredibly successful clubs fly under the Society radar. The range of activities they arrange month in and month out is mind boggling – bat searching weekends in the Canterbury mountains, electric fishing near Dunedin, glow worm excursions,
snorkeling courses, to name but a few. KCC is now over 20 years old and we are beginning to see the fruits of the previous co-ordinators’ labours. 

Former KCC kids are appearing in roles of importance in our society – in councils, in business, and so on.  We also glow in the success of the KCC website, which receives more visitors per week than our main society website, and is used as a resource by schools throughout the country.  

Did you know that a fair percentage of the new members that have joined the Society through the face to face recruitment programme have also joined up to KCC? In many areas where face to face has been active, KCC membership is up 70 per cent or more. 

These new members are now contributing a very significant amount to the Society coffers.  We now have a responsibility to ensure that each and every KCC is better resourced and properly supported, by the Society as a whole, and by their branches. 

We also have a responsibility to ensure that the activities of each branch are inclusive of their local KCC, and for the branches and membership to appreciate the efforts of their local KCC co-ordinator.

KCC will continue to grow and go from strength to strength.  A KCC manager is soon to be appointed as part of the National Office staff team.  For the first time there will be a dedicated staff member working for KCC full-time, building on the strong foundations laid down over the years by previous part-time staff.

As members and branch committee members we can be very proud of KCC and the people behind the scenes making it so successful.

Mark Hanger
Deputy President