Kermadecs in the Spotlight

27 Jul 2010

Forest & Bird is helping to organise a Kermadec Science Symposium
for August 30-31, which will be hosted by Pew Environment
Group at Te Papa, in Wellington.

The symposium will celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity
by highlighting and showcasing this little-known region to local
and international participants.

In other Kermadec news, Forest & Bird staffer Karen Baird  will be joining a Kermadec to Nuie whale survey expedition from August 7.

She will be one of five people sailing through the Kermadec region doing sight and acoustic surveys for whales and dolphins found in the region.

This is the first time such a survey has been undertaken, and it is
hoped the range of species in this incredibly diverse region will be

Potential habitat extends from 10,000 metres deep in
the Kermadec-Tonga Trench to the shallow waters around the
Kermadec Islands, where a unique variety of bottlenose dolphin
is thought to live.

The main objective is to see what species of beaked whales might
be living in the Kermadec–Tonga Trench.