Making the right fish choices

12 Dec 2011

The fifth edition of our new Best Fish Guide will be launched in February.

The free wallet-sized guide and information posters are designed to help consumers buy ecologically sustainable seafood.

This year we’re going a bit high tech and also launching the guide as a mobile phone application.

An electronic version will be free to download from our website and has the advantage of extra features, including recipes by celebrity chefs for BFG endorsed fish species. 

It also offers alternative seafood options to bad choices, based on similar tastes and textures.

We’re aiming to make the wallet guide and information poster available in selected supermarkets, fish and chip shops and fishmongers.

The important thing, according to Marine Conservation Advocate Katrina Subedar, is getting the guide into New Zealanders’ pockets, in whatever form, so they have the information to make good choices.

From there, we can put the spotlight on the commercial fishing industry’s destructive practices that are threatening our marine life.

“Consumers have the power to make changes,” Katrina says.

“They’ve got the ability to ask supermarkets ‘what species is this, where has it come from and is it sustainable?’ They can put pressure on the big supermarkets to stock more sustainable seafood.”

It aims to force the commercial fishing industry to face up to the fact that New Zealanders care about sustainable fishing. It tells them by-catch is not okay, trawling the seabed is not okay, and fishing species to an unsustainable level is most certainly not okay.

The guide is based on the latest government and independent research. Katrina says assessing each of the country’s commercial fisheries is an enormous task, but one that’s worth doing.