Mokihinui Hearings Start

26 Sep 2008


Hearings opened on August 25 for Meridian’s ill-conceived hydro proposal for the Mokihinui River.

Support for our position is strong – and the scientific information is rolling in to show the effects of the scheme would be hugely significant for the wildlife in the river, especially koaro, long-finned eels, Powelliphanta snails and blue duck/whio.

If the dam goes ahead the natural character of the coast and river would not be protected as is provided for in the Resource Management Act. Current wilderness recreational opportunities would be destroyed – but provide a reservoir for jet boats.

Submissions on behalf of the Central Office and branches of Forest & Bird will be made during October. Our witnesses include ecologists, a freshwater fish expert and a landscape architect, and there will be the usual submissions on legal and planning matters. Your donations are welcome to assist with the costs of this case.