News: Saving New Zealand’s Long Finned Eel

20 May 2011

Saving New Zealand’s Long Finned Eel

Upper Hutt Branch member Lynne McLellan recently spent the day at Opaki School informing people about New Zealand’s long fin eels which are in jeopardy from commercial over-fishing.

This special occasion was a collaboration involving Stephanie Bowman and Forest and Bird.

Stephanie Bowman is a freelance artist and educator whose focus is on environmental issues. She is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book about the endangered long-finned eel to help get the world out about the threatened species.

Very few large longfin eels are now found, sex ratios are badly skewed and elver (juvenile eel) numbers are greatly reduced.

Eels breed only once, at the very end of their long lives which means they have to evade capture for a very long time.

Stephanie is travelling around the country presenting a road show involving illustrated stories, puppets and games followed by a sewing session to highlight the plight of long fin eels.

The experience at Opaki School also involved feeding the large eels resident at Mt Bruce. 

To sign a petition to limit commercial fishing of this endangered species, click here: