Penguins in the news

01 Oct 2008

Little blue penguin Koro was the star of TV breakfast show Good Morning during Conservation Week. Wellington Places for Penguins Co-ordinator Heather Anderson accompanied Koro on the show to talk about the threats to penguins, including habitat destruction and dogs.

Koro was found on a Wellington beach after a storm, with her oily waterproof coating depleted. Forest & Bird has “adopted” the one-year-old penguin, paying for her care at Native Bird Rescue Trust till she is well enough to be released back into Wellington Harbour. She is gaining strength on a diet of fresh salmon, with daily swims in a warm pool and drying off in front of a blow-dryer.

Wellington’s Places for Penguins project is replanting beaches to create better nesting sites for little blue penguins, and building nesting boxes to go on the beaches.

For more information on setting up your own Places for Penguins project, email Heather Anderson