Pestbusters and Golden Spade Award nominations open

02 May 2013

Branches are being asked to nominate their top Pestbusters and planting heroes for our annual awards.

Frances and James Blakely

Frances and James Blakely

It doesn’t matter if the pest control or restoration project is big or small, it’s the progress and success against the initial goals that counts.

You can nominate your entire branch if there is no standout individual.

Below is a list of information that you should include in your nomination. All nominations must be received by 5pm, May 20, 2013 by either emailing or posting to Jolene Williams, Forest & Bird, PO Box 631, Wellington 6140.

Awards will be presented at the Forest & Bird AGM dinner in Wellington on June 29.

Pestbuster Award

•    What are the aims of the pest control?
•    Who benefits from the management and removal of pests?
•    Which native species and/or ecosystems benefit from the pest control?
•    Demonstrate the reasons for the applied methodology (target species) and its effectiveness (species caught)
•    The size of the area in which the pest management and removal was undertaken
•    How many people have been involved and if recorded, how much voluntary time was invested into the work
•    Any background stories about your branch’s pest management and removal the people (members and non-members) involved.

NB: It does not matter who owns the land under pest control.

Golden Spade Award

•    The aim of the restoration and/or establishment of ecosystems through planting and/or other management (weeding etc)
•    How effective is the voluntary work undertaken? Is the success of planting and management being monitored (have plants survived, what after-care is being undertaken eg. weed control?)
•    The number of native plants planted each year
•    How many people (branch members and non-members) took part
•    Any background stories about your branch’s management and/or planting project and the people involved.

NB: It does not matter who owns the land planted or if non-Forest & Bird members helped at plantings.