Predator Trapping Haast Pass

27 Feb 2009

Predator trapping Haast Pass

Friday 8/3/09

Forest and Bird members along with 2 student from the Student in the Community Program at Mt Apriring Collage helped check the traps on 6/3/09. It was a wonderful effort given the very nasty conditions, of continual rain -  thanks and well done.

All traps were checked and the eggs changed.

3 stoats were caught.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Forest and Bird trap lines up on the tracks either side of Haast pass road were checked on the 13/2 and no stoats we caught. This is great news but in contrast to Doc checking the Haast Highway trapping line Tuesday 26th January and catching 10 stoats, 1 rat and 2 hedgehogs and a few people reported a lot of stoat sightings to me too at Makarora village, Cameron Flat, Siberia Hut, and Fern Bern Hut and near the neck. All lines are now being checked every three weeks.