Sustainable Paremoremo takes top honours

07 Aug 2012

Sustainable Paremoremo - a network of community groups including Forest & Bird - took top honours at the awards event held at the Auckland Town Hall on 30 July.

Weed and pest eradication, rubbish clean-ups, community gardening, plantings, wharf care, as well as the creation of a nut and fruit tree collection, a youth employment scheme and a neighbourhood support group are among the many projects the network has under way.

Sustainable Paremoremo began in 2007, when a small group of people came together with a common love of the local natural environment, and a common goal to strengthen their community.

Local Forest & Bird member Derry McLachlan (pictured, far left) has been running the Pest Free component of Sustainable Paremoremo alongside Forest & Bird staff who have provided, courtesy of the Biodiversity Advice & Condition Funds, advice and materials.

As a result over 120 landowners in the Lucas Creek Bush/Paremoremo area of the North-West Wildlink are actively involved in doing pest control on their properties.

The judges’ notes praised the group, which also won the community category, for providing a model for other communities to emulate.

They commented, “You are a highly motivated, enthusiastic group. Your energy and passion is fantastic. The strong structures and systems you have in place, along with an underlying vision and philosophy to ‘go where the energy is’, is sustaining growth and will undoubtedly ensure the overall sustainability and long term success of the project in the future.”

Councillor Wayne Walker, chair of the council's Environment and Sustainability Forum and awards judge, says the awards celebrate the people leading the region towards sustainability.

“We have a vision to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city, and a big part of that is putting a focus on environmental action and green growth," he says. "I want to acknowledge all the wonderful work happening to help us to realise that vision.

“I want to especially congratulate Sustainable Paremoremo.

"I know them well - they are in my ward, and I have been to their meetings - and I find them to be an incredibly passionate, dynamic and practical group of local people that are having a hugely positive effect on the Paremoremo area.”

Sustainable Paremoremo
This group is going from strength to strength, since it started out in 2007, with more participants and more programmes on the go.

Some measurable impact includes:

  • Over 120 properties are now actively involved in pest eradication
  • Volunteers attended various roadside planting days, in the community, at the wharf and at Lucas Reserve
  • Plantings of gardens at Ridgeview School, as well as 30 fruit trees such as feijoa, plum, apple, mandarin, lemon and yellow guava. Around 20-30 children attend the weekly garden club
  • Two residents are now qualified home coaches through the Home Star energy efficiency programme
  • Around 10-12 people are in the seed swap and cuttings group, which meets monthly
  • The Pare Publisher goes to nearly 1500 people in the local area every month