Thanks for the telling the government 'hands off'

15 Jun 2010

Thank you very much for helping us to protect New Zealand’s precious places from being mined. Your submission is one of nearly 40,000 seeking to ensure that our national parks, marine reserves and other Schedule 4 areas remain protected.

Having breathed a sigh of relief that submissions have now closed, it is important for us to maintain the momentum that brought 40,000 people out on the streets of Auckland, and created a huge groundswell of support for our precious places.

While the government considers its decisions, we must keep up the pressure. Please help by doing the following:

• Send an e-card to John Key
• Write a letter to your local newspaper saying how important national parks are to you and why mining coal from Paparoa National Park is a bad idea
• Visit or phone your local MP (especially National Party MPs) and share your passion for our protected places
• Send this email on to your friends and family
• If you live down south, join the Invercargill march on 26 June:

Once again, thanks for joining Forest & Bird in being a voice for nature. Together we are making the difference needed!

Warm regards,

The Forest & Bird team