The People’s Parrot Proves Popular With Kids

04 Oct 2012

A Northland School summer soccer team are so keen for the Kākā, nicknamed the People’s Parrot, to win Forest and Bird’s Bird of the Year competition, they’ve renamed themselves Team Kākā.

This week the Wellington-based team visited their sponsor Kelburn’s The Platter Delicatessen to show off their new Team Kākā uniforms and promptly took to asking locals to vote for the Kākā. “The Kākā is crazy cool, it has a massive beak and likes being silly”, said a Team Kākā spokesperson”.

Next stop was Northland Park to practice their Kākā calls and soccer skills.

“I’m stoked the kids are championing Kākā for Bird of the Year, it has cheeky charm they can relate to”, said Kākā campaign manager Rachel Anderson-Smith.

“Thanks to Zealandia, the Kākā have made a raucous return to Wellington.  Kākā hoon down Northland’s Creswick Valley every evening and put on playful aerial acrobatic shows, they certainly get the attention of the neighbourhood. They’ve being a catalyst for locals talking about nature and that’s what the Bird of the Year competition is all about.”

The team of 7 and 8 year olds have high hopes for the Kākā, currently sitting fourth in the competition and were busy brainstorming campaign ideas.

Vote for the Kākā at

Team Kākā: Judah Mansell, Francesa Lynch, Ava Redgrave, Alex Finlayson, Phoebe-Jane Bostrovas, Madeline Oppenhuis, Grace Cinque, Mikhail Surti, Rosie Meijer.

Photo credit: Anna Harding