Tracking birds in the Kaimai

15 Nov 2010

F&B members surveyed 22 locations during 10 days in October in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park in a five minute bird count.

This is the second year such a survey has been carried out in the park. Most
counters established a chain of 10 sites at each location, which covered
a mixture of virgin bush, areas with intensive pest control work and areas
previously mined or logged.

In a five minute bird count, observers stand still at a location for five minutes
and record how many individual species of birds they see and hear.

In the 2009 survey, the grey warbler was the most commonly noted species,
while the fantail, tui and silvereye were also found at more than 70 percent of
the locations.

The intention is to keep the survey going each year so that a
trend is able to be established.

The Kaimai Mamaku Campaign, made up of seven Forest & Bird branches in
the region that are working to restore the forest park, have also initiated two
other activities.

One is the Everybirdy Survey, a more informal survey which can be
undertaken by people in the Kaimai- Mamaku area and surrounding forest

This survey took place in the first two weeks of November.

Information sheets on 10 of the birds most likely to be found were produced
in laminated sets, which are being made available to local schools and groups.

If other branches are interested in acquiring copies of the information sheets or a digital copy of the files, they
should contact Warwick Buckman at or PO Box 184, Waihi.