Trip report DOC/F&B "Project Crimson" to Mou Waho island, Wanaka

08 Oct 2010

DOC/F&B Project Crimson trip to Mou Waho, Wanaka - Sep 2010

An initial Friday evening talk was held at 7pm at the Yacht Club. This was mainly about the islands of Wanaka and the plan for the following day.

Fortunatey the weather was fantastic on Saturday.  We met at the marina at 9am and boated to Mou Waho with two boats containing 18 people, plants & gear. 

After a planting demonstration and health and safety talk, we split into groups & scattered around the island to commence planting. 

We savoured a BBQ lunch in paradise.  

By 2pm we completed the planting and followed Chris on a guided walk up Arthusa pool to discover the flora and fauna of the island. 

 We boated back to Wanaka at 4pm.  

Chris from Eco Adventures, generously offered his help for the talk, transport to the island, planting and guided walk.

 DOC provided staff & boat for the day, organised the trip, purchased the trees, gear and food.

 Project Crimson funded the rata trees (80 to 100), potting mix, fertilizer pellets, crystal water, stack and the BBQ Lunch.