BirdLife International Community Conservation Fund

Chatham Island (CI) Tui Transfer

In 2009, 14 juvenile CI tui were successfully transferred from South-East island to the  Chatham's main island with the help of the Birdlife Community Fund. A breeding population of Chatham island tui haven't been seen on the mainland for 25 years, so this was a momentous occasion in the history of the Chatham islands. 

Blog: Chatham Island Tui Make History 

Established in 2007 by UK-based conservationists David and Sarah Gordon, the fund is a way for NZ and Pacific Island communities to carry out local projects to restore populations of threatened bird species.

Forest & Bird Branches, BirdLife International Partners, Partners Designate, Affiliates in the Pacific Islands Region & associated community groups are only eligible to apply for the fund. 

Please note: Forest & Bird is no longer administering this fund. 

Recipients 2007 - 2012