JS Watson Trust Recipients, 2012 - 11

Ten grants for conservation projects were allocated for the 2011-2012 year by the Trust, which is administered by Forest & Bird. 

Details of the latest projects to be supported are as follows:

o    Susanne Claudia Krejcek of Victoria University of Wellington will be identifying reptile friendly ways of converting marram dunes to native dominated dunes

o    Kyle William Morrison of Palmerston North will be studying factors affecting the population dynamics of Eastern Rockhopper Penguins on Campbell Island

o    Will Rayment of University of Otago will be investigating the recovery and recolonisation by New Zealand southern right whales

o    Kate Richardson of Ecology Group, Massey University, will be studying the dispersal and habitat selection in an establishing hihi population

o    Lindsey Rowe of Kaikoura will be conducting research to determine the feeding range of little blue penguins breeding at South Bay, Kaikoura

o    Jay Ruffell of Auckland will be studying the interactive effects of forest loss and invasive mammals on New Zealand birds

o    Wayne Todd of Moehau Environment Group will be continuing work on the Waikawau Bay Estuary and Wetlands Restoration project

o    Sarah Jane Wells of the Ecology and Conservation Group, Institute of Natural Sciences- Massey University, will be investigating the phylogeographic origin and consequences of geographic isolation in the Raoul Island Tui

o    Kerry Anne Weston of Department of Zoology, University of Otago, will be studying the conservation genetics of the Alpine Rock Wren

o    Benjamin Hayden Wiseman of Department of Ecology, Lincoln, will be identifying reservoirs of genetic diversity on Bank’s Penninsula