2017 September eNews


28 August 2017

September eNews


Public Talk: No public talk in September.

Due to a cancellation and also elections this month, there will be no public talk in September.

Mudfish Translocation - Oxford.

Photos: Hugh Thorpe

Calder Green Reserve Opening

2:00-4:00pm, Saturday September 9th
Calder Green Reserve, Ferrymead - see map 

We are putting up a sign to publicise the Calder Green Reserve and the work done by the Christchurch City Council, Forest and Bird and the community over recent years to look after the area, plant natives and improve bird habitat.

Guest speaker Sara Templeton CCC councillor and friend of CGR. 

All welcome. We are hoping for a brilliant spring day, so bring some nibbles for an afternoon picnic, if you wish. 
Working Bees

For more details of our working bees, please go to our website here

9.15-11.30am: Saturday 9th September
On the summit road 900m west of Evans Pass (towards the City). 

1:00-3:00pm: Saturday 23rd September


Photo: Greg Stanley

Stocker Scholarships

Every year the North Canterbury branch offers scholarships worth up to $3000 for postgraduate students carrying out conservation or environment related research in Canterbury. The total amount available may be increased this year.

For application information and guidelines please contact Ainslie Talbot at: talbotjones@clear.net.nz 

Applications close at the end of October 2017.

October Field Trip: Styx River

Photo: Hugh Thorpe

Sunday 22 October

October's field trip along the Styx River will focus on the six values for which the City manages our rivers - landscape, ecology, recreation, culture, heritage and drainage. We will start at Nunweek Park and (time permitting) finish at the flood gates where the Styx joins the Waimakariri River at Brooklands.

More details in next month's newsletter.

Ohinetahi Planting

Fourteen volunteers from Forest and Bird and eight Summit Road Society volunteers had a lovely afternoon planting 400 trees at Ohinetahi reserve, on Sunday 27th August, to help with post fire restoration. There will be a few more working bees in the next 2-3 years to ensure the plants survival, by releasing them from being smothered by long grass/bracken, etc.

MacKenzie Guardians' Report

The legal battles continue to try to protect the Mackenzie Country from further irrigation development, loss of unique dryland ecosystems and landscape values, and were outlined as part of the recent executive committee’s report to the AGM.

The favourable Mackenzie District Plan Change 13 decision by the Environment Court earlier this year is now being appealed by the Wolds Station. Federated Farmers has withdrawn its appeal. PC13 introduced stronger rules to control intensification and subdivision, but this latest action by the Wolds to extend the hearing could draw out the final decision to Christmas and beyond.

Mackenzie Guardians Inc. is growing concerned at possible breaches of consent conditions, particularly around providing baseline ecological information. The Guardians are still waiting for ecology survey reports for Simons Pass and Maryburn Stations, which should have been provided soon after the commencement date of consents. The Guardians have been pressing ECan to do more to make sure conditions are adhered to by consent holders.

Meanwhile Ecan’s Plan Change 5, aimed at controlling nutrient runoff in Canterbury and the Mackenzie, and restricting agricultural intensification on fragile soils, is also being appealed to the High Court by a wide range of agricultural and irrigation groups, including Federated Farmers.

Rosalie Snoyink thanked supporters of the Society for providing generous donations, attending hearings and writing submissions to protect the Mackenzie Country. She says the work will go on into 2018, and all support is gratefully received.


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